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IntelliBonds is a technology start-up focused on Cost optimization and Alpha generation for Fixed Income institutional investors through cutting edge AI-powered cloud solutions. We have blended our expertise of the Bond market with the most advanced Machine Learning techniques to bring a product that can revolutionise traditional Fixed Income business model.

IntelliBonds product is a fully-automated Assistant solution that aspires to become a central intelligence unit for fixed income investors. Superior analytics combined with the wider market coverage improve the efficiency of your front office fixed income team and allow you to deliver highly customized investment strategies whilst operating with 20-30% lower cost base. The product is offered on the SaaS model and is available through the website, mobile, Excel and programmable APIs.

Our Products

Credit Assist

AI assistant solution that predicts credit risk, monitor risk changes and generates early-warning signals in line with users’ risk objectives.

  • Credit risk prediction.

  • 24/7 credit risk monitoring.

  • Interactive analytical dashboards and risk recommendations.

Portfolio Assist

Intelligent portfolio construction, optimization and investment idea generation specific to your investment strategy. Our Ai algorithms detect and evaluate key data sources that may impact your portfolio performance with a goal to meet or exceed your investment objectives.

  • Portfolio construction and optimization.

  • Portfolio-specific trade idea generation.

  • Investment strategy development and testing.

  • Performance monitoring.

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