Announcing Intellibonds as the finalist in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge

We’ve been selected as a finalist in the UBS Future of Finance App store & platforms category! 

22 October 2021

By Igor Tesinsky

We've been selected as a finalist in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Intellibonds has been selected as a finalist in the UBS Future of Finance App store & platforms category! 

UBS launched its fourth Future and Finance Challenge in 2021, an open competition for fintech startups and tech entrepreneurs worldwide. Since 2015, the UBS Future of Finance Challenge has been available to startups and established, growing companies that change how finance works and meets future client needs. Delivered in collaboration with Anthemis, Deloitte and Microsoft for Startups, the competition comes with benefits and prizes of over USD 400,000 worth in value. 

The awards are grouped into four categories: Sustainable banking, Reimagining investing, App store and platforms, and Tech and cyber security. The  

Within the App store & platforms category, UBS’ vision is to convene the global ecosystem for investing – where thought leadership is impactful, people and ideas are connected, and opportunities are brought to life. 

Intellibonds is delighted to be one of the ten finalists selected in the App store and platforms category. One of the 40 fintech finalists chosen from over 400 who have applied to the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2021. 

The 400 participants presented their products and solutions with a chance to be considered for implementation at UBS and appear on the radar of UBS Next, their dedicated investment portfolio for innovative startups. 

UBS Future of Finance presentation - the problem in the fixed income institutional investment world

We are also delighted to pitch our product to UBS. Intellibonds addresses multiple challenges in fixed income, combining AI-augmentation with workflow automation. To date, the way that fixed income institutional investors do business is very much the same as it was in 2000. They rely on various spreadsheets and legacy quant tools to do their work. This leads to cost inefficiencies and suboptimal investment returns.

We have solved many of these problems. Intellibonds SaaS platform helps institutional investors generate better returns through AI-augmented investment decision processes while lowering operational costs through intelligent automation. 

To learn more about our presentation, visit here

“Digital revolution is coming to fixed income and we’re glad to be a part of the transformation. We look forward to working with UBS and other banks to help clients with their bond portfolios.”