Intellibonds take part in the FinTech Sandbox Product Demo

Fintech Sandbox Demo Day

22 September 2020

Click the play button above to watch Intellibonds demo video from the Fintech Sandbox event.

FinTech Sandbox is a Boston based company that gives Fintech entrepreneurs access to investment and also data opportunities. In particular, the organisation supports Fintech entrepreneurs’ to grow their business.

Each year, FinTech Sandbox hosts a demo day. This event provides Fintech companies with the opportunity to showcase their work. Also, it provides a fantastic networking opportunity. Intellibonds were excited to take part in the event and meet other entrepreneurs in the FinTech space.

Professional headshot of Ignore Tesinsky, CEO of IntelliBonds.

“At Intellibonds, we believe the future of fixed-income asset management is a partnership between human and machine intelligence.”


On the day Igor Tesinsky, CEO and Co-Founder, presented. During the demo, he talked about Intellibonds product and how they are revolutionising fixed income investing. Furthermore, Tesinsky explored how AI can enhance the human experience when making crucial investment decisions.

Intellibonds thank Fintech Sandbox for the event and also look forward to future networking opportunities.