The New Faces of FinTech, featuring Intellibonds

Article featuring Intellibonds

25 March 2020

Image advertising the blog,The New Faces of Fintech

Fintech Sandbox recently invited Intellibonds for an interview. This was part of their blog series; The New Faces of Fintech.

The blog features Igor Tesinsky, Co-Founder and CEO, and Mayank Agrawal, Co-Founder and CTO.

Within the piece, Tesinsky explains the benefits he has personally experienced by automating his workflows.

Professional headshot of Ignore Tesinsky, CEO of IntelliBonds.

“I was able to think about how I could do things better! Firstly I started looking at the various things I was doing with my free time, from working alongside start-ups and students to automating my corporate workflow and also creating time savings and efficiencies for myself. In conclusion, I thought, why not turn all of these things into a business?”


Furthermore, the Co-Founders describe how they discovered a large market for income investment process automation platforms. They believe this can save time and also, money.

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