Intellibonds listed on the emerging start ups list

Emerging start-ups list

24 January 2020

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Maddyness, the go-to magazine for entrepreneurs and innovators, put Intellibonds on their 15 emerging start-ups list.

Intellibonds is proud to be listed as one of the 15 emerging startups that were top rated by Early Metrics and are regarded as a list of companies to watch in the coming months and years. 

We achieved a percentage of 70 out of 100 or higher through the rating matrix. The % indicated relates to how each startup compares to the other 3000+ startups rated by Early Metrics to date.

Early Metrics said that the founders (of Intellibonds) have over 30 years of combined market experience in technology and trading, both buy-side and sell-side. Nonetheless, the startup will have to raise barriers to entry, especially from a tech standpoint, to protect itself from the competition.

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