Intellibonds pitch at the Enterprise 100

Enterprise 100

5 March 2020

Hand touching digital globe

Intellibonds were thrilled to take part in the Enterprise 100. Enterprise 100 is the private angel investment club which operates within the London Business School.

The yearly pitching event, which takes place at the London Business School, provides exclusive investment opportunities for new businesses.

Igor Tesinsky, Co-Founder and CEO, presented on behalf of the company to a panel of knowledgeable and skilled investors.

During the presentation, Tesinsky highlighted how Intellibonds credit risk predictive tools for bond investors have become extremely relevant recently. This is due to the global recession, impacted by COVID-19. Furthermore, he explained how Intellibonds plan to disrupt the bond market and the companies vision.

The vision

The vision for the company is to build a tool that will enable active fixed income investors to operate with a passive cost base.

Our solution

Intellibonds have created a single point, AI human collaborative platform where bots and people come together to support fixed income investment management in an entirely new way. Intellibonds operates at a 20 to 30% lower cost base and at a speed that cannot be compared to any human team currently available in any investment banks or buy side.

To watch the full pitch, click the play below.