Intellibonds partner with CityFALCON, to further enhance their platform

Partnership announcement

11 August 2020

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Intellibonds have partnered with CityFALCON. CityFALCON are a financial content and analytics company. The partnership will be focused on enhancing the Intellibonds platform to create a more seamless customer experience. Furthermore, the new data from CityFALCON complements Intellibonds’ quantitative approach and will create a powerful due diligence and bond exploration toolkit.

The partnership embeds finance and business content and also analytics into Intellibonds’ two products, Credit Assist and Portfolio Assist.

“We wish Intellibonds the best of luck with their raise on Seedrs and look forward to a long, mutually-beneficial relationship!”


CityFALCON is a mixed qualitative (linguistic information) and quantitative (analytics) approach. The company collects news stories from more than 5000 sources, which are all vetted by an internal team of financial analysts for legitimacy. The firm’s machine learning algorithms analyse the data to find what is most relevant for each user. Analytics are calculated and delivered, including a relevance score, sentiment analysis, and extracted NLU entities (e.g., Facebook is mapped to Technology, Communications, FB (ticker), San Fransisco, etc.).

Intellibonds pull financial data on fixed income securities and provides intelligent analytical tools to users so they can perform their work tasks more efficiently and with higher accuracy. The data and tools are provided via a SaaS model for credit risk assessment and for building, analysing, and monitoring fixed-income portfolios.

The news content and analytics from CityFALCON will complement IntelliBonds’ approach.

Intellibonds customers will now be able to view more information relevant to their holdings, from company-specific news to that around related financial regulation, current global issues, and market events, provided by CityFALCON’s Big Data repository.

To learn about Intellibonds products, visit these areas of the website; Credit Assist and Portfolio Assist.

Intellibonds are excited by this partnership and look forward to working closely with CityFALCON to enhance the Intellibonds platform.