The future of credit research

Article by Igor Tesinsky

28 February 2018

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Igor Tesinsky, CEO and Co-Founder at Intellibonds, has published an article for LinkedIn on The Future of Credit Risk.

In the article, Tesinsky shares his insights into the future of credit research and how technology addresses the challenges for asset managers.

He also explains through his learnings, how he has concluded that the power of data underlies everything he does. Furthermore, he believes powerful data is the key to the future of credit research.

Professional headshot of Ignore Tesinsky, CEO of IntelliBonds.

Access to data and the ability to process it quickly will be the only variables that truly matter when comes to future research delivery. The most valuable companies today are data companies. Thereby, if an asset manager truly wants to have a competitive advantage in research, it has to unlock the potential of its own data.”


Tesinsky also shares his opinion on the future for asset management, detailing how the cloud-based platform will become fully integrated with business functions. Irrespective of where multiple research offices are located, Tesinsky believes all credit analysts should be able to input standardized financial statements, ratios, forward-looking predictions, or any other kind of qualitative information into a centralised database.

Furthermore, Tesinsky highlights the need for process automation and more efficient data usage, possibly leading to better timing of investment decisions. These factors may mean improved investment returns for clients.

In conclusion, the CEO believes the traditional asset manager business model will continue to transform and all business functions will change with it. However, to have a successful credit research function in future, merely being responsive to a change will not be enough. “We have to write our own future”, Tesinsky explains. 

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